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Common General Terms and Conditions

Prague International Marathon, spol. s. r.o. and Tempo Team Prague s.r.o.

Introductory provisions

  1. Prague International Marathon, spol. s.r.o., with registered offices at Františka Křížka 461/11, Holešovice, 170 00 Prague 7, Company Reg. No.: 636 73 738, recorded in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, insert 36777 (hereinafter also referred to as the “Organiser”), is the organiser of the following RunCzech running races: The Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon, the Prague Relay, the Volkswagen Marathon Weekend and the Birell Prague Grand Prix (herein referred to as the “race”).
  2. Tempo Team Prague s.r.o, with offices at Františka Křižíka 461/11, Holešovice, 170 00 Prague 7, Company Reg. No.: 251 07 615, recorded in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, insert 50213 (hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser”) is the organiser of regional RunCzech Running League races: The Mattoni Karlovy Vary Half Marathon, the Mattoni České Budějovice Half Marathon, the Mattoni Olomouc Half Marathon and the Mattoni Ústí nad Labem Half Marathon, the Mattoni Liberec Nature Run (hereinafter referred to as the “race”).
  3. The Terms and Conditions of the aforementioned Organisers (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) are governed in accordance with the provisions of Section 1751 (1) of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code, the mutual rights and obligations arising between the individual Organiser of a race in connection with or based on participant registration for a race or races organised by a specific Organiser via the Organiser’s website operated on com (hereinafter referred to as the “web interface” between the Organiser and the Participant – Natural Person (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”). For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the Organiser shall always be considered the entity referred to in Articles 1 and 2, which is the organiser of a specific race for which the Participant has registered.
  4. Only duly registered participants are allowed to take part in the race. The Organiser authorises race participation based on registration and provides other associated services. Through registration on the web interface, the Participant confirms that s/he has read these Terms and Conditions and that s/he agrees with them.
  5. The Organiser also enables registration to races along with other relevant associated services via contractual sellers acting on the basis of contracts entered into with them. These Terms proportionately relate to natural persons who registered for a race through these contractual sellers.

Entering into a contract

  1. The Participant orders services from the Organiser by completing and sending a registration form via the web interface.
  2. To register for the race via the web interface requires a so-called RunnersID, a user account for the participant.
  3. When registering on the web interface, the Participant is obligated to disclose the correct and truthful data. The Participant is obligated to maintain all data indicated on the registration form updated.
  4. The registration form above all contains the following relevant information:
    1. Participant name, surname, gender, date of birth, address and nationality,
    2. Selected payment method
  5. It is possible to use the RunnersID account register on behalf of a Participant with another RunnersID, also on one occasion on behalf of a person without a RunnersID account. In this case, the Terms apply to the person whose RunnersID is used to make the registration and that person is responsible for accepting the Terms on behalf of the registered Participant.
  6. The Participant agrees to use remote means of communication when entering into the contract. The costs incurred by the Participant in using remote communication means in connection with entering into the contract (costs of internet connection, etc.) shall be borne by each Participant himself / herself, and these costs are no different from the basic rate (the Organiser does not charge any fees for these services).
  7. The Contract is entered into upon acceptance of the registration form by the Organiser, which is sent to the Participant by e-mail to the Participant’s e-mail address and by payment of the price in accordance with Article III of these Terms and Conditions.
  8. The ordering of all relevant associated services (insurance, t-shirt, medal engraving, etc.) must be included on the registration form. It is not possible to order these at a later date

Price and payment terms

  1. The price for Organiser services comprises the price for participating in a race (here referred to as the “start fee”) and the price for the relevant associated services (insurance, t-shirt, medal engraving etc.).
  2. The price for Organiser services may be paid by the Participant in one of the following ways:
    1. card payment via a secure online gateway (card online);
    2. payment by bank transfer from a bank in the Czech Republic;
    3. cash / card payment at the Organiser’s address.
  3. Individual payment methods are offered and accepted pursuant to current availability, or according to what kind of specific service it relates to and the time of registration. The Participant respects the options offered on the web interface.
  4. In the event of payment by bank transfer, the Participant is obligated to pay the price along with indicating the variable symbol of the payment within ten calendar days from when the registration form has been accepted by the Organiser.
  5. In the event of cashless payment by bank transfer and payment by card via the online secure payment gateway, the Participant's obligation to pay the price is met when the relevant amount is credited to the Organiser's account.
  6. In the event of cash/card payment at the Organiser’s address, the Participant’s obligation to pay the price is met at the point of paying the sum in cash /confirmation of payment at the pay terminal.
  7. The Organiser notifies the Participant of making payment through electronic communication to the electronic address indicated by the registrar on the registration form.
  8. The price is final, non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another race.
  9. Any discounts which are not claimed on the registration form, cannot be claimed retrospectively.
  10. In the event that the price is not paid within 10 calendar days of the registration form being accepted by the Organiser, the participant’s registration will be automatically cancelled and all the associated orders will expire.
  11. The price for race registration accepted by the Organiser less than 12 days before a race needs to be paid no later than 6 days ahead of the race.
  12. The price for Organiser services i.e. the price for participating in a race (hereinafter referred to as the “start fee”) and the price of relevant associated services is non-refundable. Participants can take advantage of cancellation insurance for race participation.
  13. Participants can also take advantage of pre-registration to another race Participant, only by following the procedure and in accordance with the rules accessible on https://www.runczech.com/en/for-you/for-runners/rules-and-general-information-1/index.shtml.

Other rights and obligations of the contracting parties

  1. On the basis of registrations paid in accordance with Article III of these Terms and Conditions, the Organiser provides the Participant with services which comprise enabling race participation by passing on a start number which, following the Organiser’s instructions, the Participant is obligated to collect and providing the Participant with other relevant associated services.
  2. The Participant acquires the right to take part in the race by paying the full price of the Organiser’s services and by meeting other conditions for providing services stipulated by the Organiser in the Binding Race Rules (rules for race participation, collection and visible display of the start number on clothing as a condition to race participation) published on https://www.runczech.com/en/for-you/for-runners/rules-and-general-information-1/index.shtml which the Participant familiarises him/herself with prior to registering, which they acknowledge and are obligated to respect. Should the Participant fail to respect and adhere to these binding rules, the Organiser is not obligated to enable the Participant to take part in the race and provide him/her with the relevant associated services.
  3. Should the race be cancelled owing to force majeure, i.e. extraordinary, unforeseeable, unavoidable and non-negligible events (for instance extreme climatic conditions), the Participant is not entitled to a refund of his /her start number owing to the costs already incurred by the Organiser. Should a race be cancelled for another reason, from the date the cancellation is announced up to 14 days after the originally planned race day, it is possible to request a refund or to exchange the start number for another race, providing capacity for that race has not already been reached.
  4. The Organiser is not liable for any personal injury, damage to property or any other harm arising from participation in the race.
  5. The Participant has the right to assert his /her rights due to errors in the relevant associated services in accordance with the provisions of Section 1914 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., of the Civil Code. The Participant may exercise these rights with the Organiser at the company’s registered offices (Františka Křížka 11, Holešovice, Prague 7), from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00, or at the same address, electronically at info@runczech.com or by phone +420 224 919 209

Contract withdrawal

The Participant acknowledges that contract withdrawal, i.e. the legal relationship arising between the Participant and the Organiser based on registration and payment of the price in accordance with Article III of these Terms and Conditions, as a leisure contract which the Organiser provides within a stipulated deadline, is not possible in accordance with provision § 1837 point. j) of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., of the Civil Code.

Protection of personal data

  1. Protection of Participant data protection is furnished by Act No.101/2000 Coll., for the protection of personal data, as amended and by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27th April 2016 for the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
  2. The following Participant personal data will be processed based on race registration: name and surname, residency address, e-mail address, telephone number and delivery address (hereinafter referred to jointly as “personal data”) indicated on the registration form.
  3. Based on legitimate interest, the Organiser will process the following Participant personal data: gender, date of birth, athletics club, nationality, profession assigned start number.
  4. The Participant acknowledges the processing of personal data by the Organiser, essential for fulfilling the rights and obligations of the contract, i.e. to organise and carry out the race, including the recording of race results and to maintain the RunnersID account.
  5. The Participant has the right to decline the receipt of marketing communications on behalf of the Organiser.
  6. The Participant acknowledges that s/he is obligated to provide truthful and accurate personal data (when registering, in his/her user account, when making orders on the web interface) and that s/he is obligated to notify the Organiser without undue delay as to any changes to his/her personal data.
  7. The Organiser may entrust the processing of personal data, to the same scope and for the same purpose, to a third party in the role of processor based on a duly drafted processing contract.
  8. By submitting his/her completed registration, the Participant has acknowledged the Information on personal data processing issued by the Organiser, which continues to be available at any time on https://www.runczech.com/en/useful/for-public/gdpr/index.shtml
  9. By completing and submitting the registration form, each race Participant grants consent free of charge to make and use and to process visual and audio recordings of his / her person, his / her portrait and other expressions of a personal nature made in connection with the race e. above all taken prior to the race, during the race and at the finish line in any form and without restrictions for the marketing, advertising and promotional purposes of the Organiser, their activities, events and races organised by the Organiser or in collaboration with them, as well as for the marketing, advertising and promotional purposes of their business partners without any entitlement to remuneration. The Participant also grants permission to use and distribute visual and audio recordings of his / her person, his / her portrait, and other expressions of a personal nature made in connection with the race and their copies in any form for advertising and promotion of the Organiser (brochures, posters, billboards), electronic media (internet) and audio-visual advertising spots.

Contact points

The Organiser provides telephone and e-mail support, assistance in registering for the race and race-related information 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) from 9 am to 6 pm at info@runczech.com, +420 224 919 209. The Organiser reserves the right to restrict operations during emergencies and for operational reasons.

Final provisions

  1. The legal relationships which emerge in connection with or on the basis of race registration set up by the Organiser will be settled exclusively under the law of the Czech Republic.
  2. Each Participant has the right to settle any disputes arising as a result of or in connection with race registration out of court. A precondition for an out-of-court dispute resolution is an unsuccessful attempt to settle the dispute directly between the Participant and the Organiser. For this purpose, the Participant is entitled to appeal with a proposal to initiate an out-of-court settlement of a consumer dispute containing the particulars referred to in Section 20n of Act No. 634/1992 Coll. on Consumer Protection at the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, based in Prague 2, Štěpánská 567/15, www.adr.coi.cz. Both submission of the proposal and subsequent participation in the out-of-court settlement of the dispute shall be free of charge to the Participant, and any costs incurred in connection with the out-of-court settlement of the dispute shall be borne separately by each party. An application for an out-of-court settlement of a dispute may be filed no later than one year from the date when the Participant first lodged a claim with the Organiser, who is the subject of the dispute.
  3. The Organiser may change or supplement the wording of these Terms and Conditions. This provision does not affect the rights and responsibilities of the Organiser and the Participant which arose during the effective period of the previous version of the Business Terms and Conditions
  4. These Terms and Conditions are valid and effective as of 21st May 2018

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