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About the program

Is this going to be your first large scale international race?

You have no idea what it is going to be like?

You have doubts about whether you will be able to finish?

Guess what – it is normal to worry!

Join the first-timers group of people just like you and get all the necessary support and advice for making those first steps in the competition.

All that's left afterwards is the euphoria of reaching your target and pure joy that you have mastered your first big race. And, being with us, you will do it over and over again!

Preparing for the race

Don‘t underestimate the preparation for the race by leaving it for the last minute. Of course it all depends on your individual condition and experience.

Do you live or come to Prague sometimes? Do you need help with running technique? Do you want to start running but don’t know how? Do you prefer running with a buddy or want to share your passion?

What sets a PIM Running Club Membership apart from the rest?

  • Comprehensive training schedule with professional coaches to suit runners of all levels
  • Seminars and meetings with elite athletes, celebrity personalities, industry experts and inspiring people from the running world
  • Unlimited access to our modern club facilities, including locker rooms and Sport Lounge fitness area
  • Support and motivation from our amazing community of runners!

On the race day

This is it! The race is approaching and you are even racing in your dreams. Have I run enough? Did I underestimate my preparation? These and many other thoughts might toss in your head and do not let you focus on things you are still able to change. For example, what should you wear on the race day?

What to wear on D-Day

It is important to wear something comfortable, something you have worn before and what makes you feel good. When choosing the right clothes you should consider not only your personal preference but also the weather. Those runners, who plan to stay on their feet longer, must keep in mind that they might be exposed to inclement weather conditions for a long time, so their body temperature will most likely change. If it is sunny and hot, avoid long sleeves and run in a t-shirt - and do not forget a hat to prevent sunstroke!

D-Day drinking regime

In the last days before the race, try to drink more than usual. Consuming enough water will assure good circulation of all bodily fluids and help the blood spread all the vital nutrients and oxygen throughout your body where they are needed. If the flow is affected by an insufficient supply of water, it may slow down the processes in your body, resulting also in the slowdown of your pace and overall race performance.

Therefore, it is important to spread the intake of fluids throughout the whole run. Drink in small doses, do not drink too fast or too much fluid at once. Avoid drinking immediately at the finish; allow your body to recover first.

D-Day nutrition

If you are on a track for more than 100 minutes, you should not underestimate nutrition. During the race carry along an energy gel, a few sugar cubes or a candy bar, something that you have tried out before, and are sure that it will not cause any trouble. If you eat during the race, start with a small amount just before reaching a refreshment station as it is very important to drink fluids after eating while running. Then you can increase the intake moderately. Sports drinks can also increase endurance by providing long lasting energy and encouraging fat burn.

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