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Registration transfer

Are you injured or expecting a childbirth? You can use the possibility of the registration transfer and enable other runner to experience the feeling of a finished race.

Have you paid the registration fee for one of our races and you can’t run? You can transfer your registration now!

You make the first steps - log into your profile and see the section My races. There you can click on Registration transfer next to the registration to the race which you would like to transfer. Fill in the form, pay 4 € fee and you will get a unique code. Then give the code to the new runner.

The new runner must register himself/herself. The code as such does not mean the new runner is registered! It is your responsibility how do you forward and handle the code.

For the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon 2018 you can transfer the registration until 1st April 2018 and you can use the unique code and register yourself until 3rd April 2018.


I want to run Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon but I do not have the bib. Where can I find runners who are selling their number?

Have a loook into our Facebook event. Make sure the former runner sends you the unique registration code and you make your own registration. If you receive only his/her order number, we will not give you the bib in the expo. It is against our rules to run under someone else’s name.

What if there was an additional product in the former order?

You can use the money for your own products. Or you do not have to choose any.

What if there were no additional products in the order and I want some?

It is not a problem! You make a completely new registration and you can choose your own additional products. In the end of the order you will be asked to pay.

See the whole rules of registration transfer.

Check video manual

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