RunCzech App

Just another running application? Far from it!

This is capable of doing much more than merely measuring the course. It offers you a gateway to access all the information and news from the RunCzech running world, while also allowing you to keep abreast of your results and upcoming events, to create your own running groups or communities or get in touch with an existing one. The application is free of charge, so all you need to do is download it, put on your running shoes and start trying out all the features.

Mattoni FreeRun
FreeRun is a network of running courses throughout the Czech Republic, each measuring 5 km has been tried and tested by thousands of runners. It’s up to you to decide if you run alone or invite other people, colleagues, or friends and organise a small, private race. No limits apply here, you can head out anytime. All you need to do is put on your running shoes, turn the application on, choose a course and then simply run. The application will guide you around the course, measure your time, plus allow you to compare your result with other runners using your Runners ID profile. All your details are located in one place which means you know exactly how many kilometres you’ve run and can easily access information about your fastest time and your results history. And since no marathon runner runs for nothing, the most avid enthusiasts among you can look forward to receiving a reward!

Run Blue. Co-runners
The notion of lonely marathon runners is well and truly a thing of the past. The more runners, the greater the fun, plus this way you’ll notice that the kilometres almost run themselves. Find yourself a co-runner on the Running list and head out together to train, make up members for a relay, team or FreeRun event. We all know running is a social activity!

Running fixtures and events

Aside from everything else, the application also allows you to keep abreast of all the RunCzech events. You can find our races, training sessions as well as events taking place in the Running Mall along with FreeRun fixtures lined up nicely in the order that they will happen. You are free to browse through the fixtures or check out basic information. You can also create events yourself! Organise a beer run for your friends. Then it’s simply up to you if you open your fixture to others or choose to keep it a private gathering. And who knows maybe you’ll set up a new Running tradition this way. With the RunCzech application, no piece of news can ever pass you by Something is always going on in the running community. The application displays news from the world of Running and social media altogether in one place. It will also draw your attention to events and allow you to find out loads of important information; for instance about a forthcoming race. This also means you won’t miss out on any offer put together for you by our partners. Follow our news and make sure you’re in the loop!

Your Runners ID
The Runners ID is your ticket to RunCzech Running world. At the point of creating your running profile, you can sign up for races and Running Mall events, while it also gives you an overview of all your orders so you don’t need to wade through e-mails to find your assigned start number. You find everything on your web profile. And the features have just got even bigger this year. Using your Runners ID, you can find out straight away how many points you’ve collected on the RunCzech Running League ratings, how many kilometres you’ve run, how you fared at the individual races and what your best times are. You will use your Runners ID also for logging in the RunCzech Application.

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