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Inspired by the legacy of running legend Emil Zatopek, together with our dearest friend, late Zane Branson (IAAF Athlete Representative) we launched a project called RunCzech Racing, aiming to develop a new generation of world class athletes.



More than 25 young elite athletes of different nationalities - from Kenya, France, Czech Republic and other countries - meet and train together in Prague. These young and talented athletes take off to Prague to run the most prestigious races on the planet and promote not only the Czech Republic but also cooperation and understanding between nations, and to inspire both, adults and children, to live well and active and healthy lives.

One of the goals of RunCzech Racing team is to build and tighten connections between elite runners and amateur runners. To make these worlds mix not only during races, but also in everyday life and training. To do so, we conduct school visits and organize workshops. Hobby runners can meet-up with elite athletes in the Running Mall or during running interactions in Prague's parks.

Come to the Running Mall - our running center in Prague and meet world-class athletes of the RunCzech Racing team. You can jog with them, discuss your results and running experiences and learn more about their lifestyles and training methods.

RunCzech Racing supported by adidas, and managed by Ikaika Sports.


  • To develop a new generation of world class athletes.
  • To promote RunCzech Racing as one of the strongest teams in the world.


  • To bring nationalities closer and improve connections between different nations.
  • To build and tighten connections between elite runners and amateur runners.
  • To motivate Czech children and juniors to run.


  • 6 World Records
  • 1 World Best Time
  • 1 World Junior Best Time
  • 14 Event Records
  • 20 victories in world leading events
  • 7 second place positions in world leading events
  • 8 third place positions in world leading events
  • 33 personal bests (including improving PB times during the season)


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