Will the race in the new date count for SuperHalfs series?

Yes, the 2020 September date of Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon will count into the SuperHalfs running series.

More information about this project can be found here.

New date of Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon coincides with EDP Half Marathon Lisbon, what should I do?

This year is an exceptional situation and we have not been able to find a better date to suit everyone involved in the organization. But you have 3 years to complete the SuperHalfs challenge, so there is no need to complete all races in one year.

You can move the registration for the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon 2020 free of charge to someone else or to yourself for 2021 (Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon - March 27, 2021). Transfers will be enabled by the end of July.

Details will be sent to you by e-mail, please be patient.

I would like to change my expected time.

Please, contact us through our contact form and provide your new expected time.

We will be happy to change it for you.

Will you provide any compensation for canceled flight and accommodation?

Accommodation and transport is fully within the competence of individual participants.

We recommend contacting the hotel and airlines directly.

While we understand the issues we have encountered, we are unable to provide refunds due to the current situation.

What if it is not possible to travel to the Czech Republic even on the new race date?

All participants have the possibility to transfer their entry fee for free to the next year, 2021.