Team races (relays, teams, 2Runs)

How can be the relay logo replaced?

There is possiblity of correction of the logo until 4 weeks prior the race. A new logo must be sent to us in JPG form in size of 803 x 331 px (h x l) or in the highest quality as possible and we will correct it. Send always with order number and relay/team name to

How to check a logo of the relay/2Run?

The logo can be viewed only by the person who created the order:

  • Sign in to the Runners ID
  • Go to the profile (click on my name in top right corner)
  • Go to "My orders"
  • Choose the order with the logo
  • Logo, if uploaded, will appear next to the name of the race above the participants list
  • Click for zoom
How to make a change in relay/2Run?

Are you considering a personal change in your relay/2Run and you don't know how to do so? The registrator must sign in into his/her Runners ID and click on "My orders". There s/he click on variable symbol of the order which should be changed and by using symbols on the right side next to the name can change members and their order. The changes can be made until las Tuesday before the race only.

How to register?

A relay, team or 2Run is registered by one person (registrator) who has his/her Runners ID and register the members on behalf. The registratior sees the state of the order in their profile and is the only one who can change members and their order for relays and 2Runs.