Runners ID

Registering a team or relay/2Run

The procedure is identical as when registering yourself or registering on behalf of someone else (see above). Always register using your own profile even if you’re not running. As such you will get to see an overview of orders on your profile. The only person able to change the names of participants or order of relay runners is the person who created the order. This option is available until the last Tuesday before race dates.

Registering on behalf of someone else

You can use the Runners ID to register yourself as well as someone else onto a race. After selecting a race, select “register on behalf of someone else”. Registration works in the same way as when you register yourself. If the person in question already has a Runners ID, all you need to do is enter his/mail and follow the step-by-step instructions. If s/he doesn’t have a Runners ID, enter his/her email and you will be requested to set up a Runners ID for that person. The order is created under your profile.

How can I sign up for a race?

Log into your profile using your Runners ID, select a race and go through the intuitive registration process. If some personal details are missing as part of your Runners ID, you will be asked to add this. Providing you complete everything when signing up, you subsequently won’t have to worry about filling out anything.

How can I get a Runners ID?

To sign up for a Runners ID, all you need to do is fill out a simple form. You can subsequently use this to sign up for all races, to sign up entire relays or teams as well as register on behalf of someone else (see below).

What is a Runners ID?

The Runners ID is a unique running profile where all your race registrations starting from 2014 are stored. By going to your Runners ID profile, you will see an overview of all your orders and RunCzech Running League races you have taken part in (applies for races starting from 2014). Log in using your e-mail or Facebook account.