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Cancellation insurance from race participation

The insurance is effected to cover financial losses due to the forfeiture of registration fee paid by the Insured in the case of his/her absence in the race organized by the Policyholder. The insurance is effected in case that the Insured could not participate in the race for:

  1. Acute illness or Insured’s injury,
  2. Hospitalization of a family member or the Insured’s necessary care for a sick or injured family member,
  3. Insured’s pregnancy,
  4. Death of the Insured or a family member,
  5. Termination of employment,
  6. A traffic accident affecting the Insured,
  7. Delay of means of transport (e.g. airplane, train, bus),
  8. Extensive damages to the Insured’s or a family member‘s property.

How to communicate a claim to the insurance company?

  • Preferably by the phone on 800 100 777, +420 466 100 777 or on-line

The Insured should provide the following information:

  • Number of policy contract for 2017: 8066338711
  • Number of policy contract for 2017: 8068272210
  • That it is the insurance of the registration fee due to the absence in the race,
  • Date of the race in which he/she could not participate,
  • Reason for his/her absence in the race.

Price for insurance

  • 10 % of starting fee or min. 55 CZK (2 €)

Full insurance information for 2017 here.

Full insurance information for 2018 here.

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