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Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon 2017

  • Apr 1, 2017 | Prague

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The 19th Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon is a thing of beauty. Not just because of our breathtaking scenery. But because of who comes out to participate. From the awe-inspiring Kenyans and Ethiopians to Czech schoolchildren. To us they are all beautiful. And everyone who cares enough to put running shoes on their feet is welcome here with open arms.

Essential Facts

  • Edition: 19th
  • Title partner: Sportisimo
  • Capacity: 11 500 runners
  • IAAF label: IAAF Road Race Gold Label
  • Accompanying program: Running Expo Praha, Marathon Music Festival
  • Did you know, that...: the result of the year 2012 (Atsedu Tsegay, ETH, 58:47) is the 5th fastest half marathon in the history
  • Event record - male: Atsedu Tsegay /ETH/ 0:58:47, 2012
  • Event record - female : Violah Jepchumba /KEN/ 1:05:51, 2016
  • Average temperature: 10 °C



  • Individuals
  • Team (4 x 21,0975 km)

For runners

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon 2016


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