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The uniqueness of the city of Ústí nad Labem is mainly based on its location. There are not many cities, which are situated in such a characteristic volcanic landscape, where the drama of rocks and the romance of forests, meadows and vineyards combine. The local landscape of the Central Bohemian Uplands, loved by many international painters and music composers, is rightfully referred to as the Gate to Bohemia – Porta Bohemica.

The county seat Ústí nad Labem has lots of unique and dominant features. As an example the Marian bridge can be mentioned, or the medieval castle Střekov. The list can be completed with the romantic holiday chateau Větruše.

Read more about Ústí nad Labem here: http://www.usti-nad-labem.cz/en/tourists/publications-projects/tourism-project.html

Did you know that…

Marianský Bridge in Ústí nad Labem belongs to one of the most significant and controversial constructions built in the Czech Republic after November 1989?

Distance from Prague – 88 km

How to get to Ústí nad Labem: by train from Prague. Trains to Ústí nad Labem leave every hour from Prague’s main train station (Praha Hlavní nádraží, metro line C)

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