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Mattoni České Budějovice Half Marathon 2017

  • Jun 3, 2017 | České Budějovice

The Mattoni české budějovice Half Marathon is perhaps one of the most communal races in all the world. The beautiful, compact main square was designed to bring people together. The winding, Medieval streets make runners feel as if they’re racing though a fairytale. The cheering crowds make you feel as if you are the hero of your own adventure.

Essential Facts

  • Edition: 6th
  • Title partner: Mattoni
  • Capacity: 3 500
  • IAAF label: IAAF Road Race Gold Label
  • Accompanying program: Marathon Music Festival, After-race party, dm family run
  • Did you know that...: The event record of Daniel Chebii 59:49 is the 20th fastest time in the world of the year 2012?
  • Event record men: Daniel Chebii /KEN/ 59:49, 2012
  • Event record women: Ashete Bekere /ETH/ 1:10:40, 2016
  • Average temperature: 19 °C


  • Individuals
  • Relay (3 x 5 km + 1 x 6,0975 km)
  • 2Run (10 km + 11,0975 km)

For runners

Mattoni České Budějovice Half Marathon 2016


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