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The time was running with #PragueHalf

2002 - Windy and cold conditions race 

The elite athlets headed a record number of participants - over 2,000 runners, a 30% increase over last year - with women making up approximately 25% of the starting line-up. The largest increase though - roughly 25% - was in the category of male Czech runners.

The windy, cold conditions of the course slowed the elite athlets, possibly by more than a minute. Kenyan runners once again dominated the male field of runners in the Half Marathon, capturing the top four spots. Gloria Marconi won by women and she set new event record (1:12:06).


Thousands of spectators who encouraged the racers across the line did not disgust the harsh and mournful cold weather for March. Many of them have found their way to the start and destination area of Kampa, where the PIM Partner Accompanying Action Program has focused. Along the track and audience, they also encouraged various musical groups within the traditional PIM serenade project.




Václav Klaus, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies


What else happened in 2002?

  • Winter Olympics - Ole Einar Bjørndalen won each of the three men's individual events, as well as participating in the gold-medal winning relay team in biathlon.
  • Adventurer Steve Fossett became the first person to fly the world in a balloon.
  • German ski jumper Sven Hannawald became the first person in history to dominate all races of the legendary Four Hills Tournament.





2001 - Start on the 14th century Charles Bridge


The third annual Half Marathon Kodak Prague was unique in the world. The start, on Prague’s famous Charles Bridge, was exceptional; nowhere else in the world does a mass sporting event take place directly on a city’s historic monument. Track records, the highest number of participants to date, throngs of happy spectators, miraculously improved weather. What more could one ask for? The decision to move the third annual competition to Prague’s city centre was obviously a successful one.

The race was dominated by runners from Kenya. Antony Korir (1:02:09) arrived first in Kampa, followed by Richard Mutai (1:02:12) and Stephen Arigou (1:02:57). Among the women, Kenya Florence Barsosi won the victory in 1:12:51

The race featured high-tech innovations such as online digital photos of runners and, in addition to online diplomas and race results - including split times - participants could have their results sent out by SMS as they crossed the finish line.



"I was still a volunteer on race at that time. Before the beginning of the race we got instructions to clear out the Charles Bridge. It was very hard because of sunny weather to direct with other volunteers the amout of turists, who wanted to cross this monument. But at the end everything was solved and the race could start..." says Václav Skřivánek, current race director, about the very first start from Charles Bridge.




What else happened in 2001?



2000 - For the last time in park

Kenya’s Isaac Kiprono beat Italy’s Danilo Goffi by a mere second in a sprint finish to win the 2000 edition of Half Marathon Kodak Praha in record time at Prague’s Stromovka Park in Saturday, March 25th.

1 300 runners started the ½ Maraton Kodak Praha, out of which 1090 finished.  

Local favourite and last year’s winner Jana Klimešová won the women’s race. The Czech runner improved her previous course record by a minute and twenty-two seconds.


"Electricity ceased to exist during the race and we had a few arcs across the track, so we were standing in the pairs and holding them before the electricity started working again. The runners ranged between us just under the arches." Recalls the coordinator of the race Tomas Mirovsky



Paper entry form. 

World champion in triple jump and member of the Czech national team Šárka Kašpárková.

What else happened in 2000?



1999 - First half marathon through the fun park

Today, Prague International Marathon does not mean just a race organized for top athletes from all around the world, but it is an event targeted also to thousand of occassional runners or fans of running. To achieve this the organizers of the PIM include new events, entertainment and contest in the race very year. The 1999 edition is no exception. You have probably noticed the latest addition, the ½ Marathon Kodak Praha race which took place in March, part of the Czecho-Slovak Running Cup. The participation in that event exceeded one thousand. The idea of enlarging the running meny by a course leading through Výstaviště and Stromovka proved to be successful.

The biggest news in PIM’s 1999 menu was the race held on Saturday, March 13, at Výstaviště with the name ½ Maraton Kodak Praha (21,0975 km). The race was dedicated especially to Czech long distance runners, but was open also to runners of all abilities. The half-marathon started the spring running season and together with traditional Matějská fair at Výstaviště opened a new celebration of spring the capital of the Czech Republic.

On the first place finished Ali Ezayedi (1:04:48) from Lebanon. The fastes women was Jana Klimešová (1:15:39).





Paper entry form. Only one way how to register to the race.

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World and European champion and member of the Czech national team Ludmila Formanová.

What else happened in 1999?

    • Kosovo war.
    • Champions League Final takes place at the Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona in which the English side Manchester United defeats the German side Bayern Munich 2-1.
    • The euro was established.
    • A National Geographic Society press conference reveals the fossil of Archaeoraptor (which is later found to be a forgery).
    • Sci-fi hit The Matrix was released in theaters and became a box office success making one of the most biggest blockbusters of all time.



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