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  The Volkswagen Prague Marathon. The title of a race that attracts thousands of runners each year on the second Sunday of May. A race where registrations were sold out in just 69 days this year. A race which stands shoulder to shoulder with leading marathons around the world. A race that would be utterly impossible without Volkswagen’s unflagging support. They are the marathon’s exclusive automotive partner, supplying vehicles responsible for keeping precise times for our elite runners. For transporting staff members across town and across the country. (Sometimes in a big hurry!) And simply entertaining everyone at the marathon by showcasing some of their most beautiful and innovative models. 
  We’ve long gotten used to the idea of various city races making their own participant T-shirts. And these days it’s pretty much standard practice at large races. But to have your own shoes? That’s a whole different kettle of fish. But that too is something on the rise. The first ones flew onto the shelves a while back. And of course the Prague Marathon was among the first to get on the bandwagon. The Volkswagen Prague Marathon has boasted its own event shoes for the second year running. Last year a total of 300 pairs of exclusive shoes were made in the Czech national colours featuring the emblem of the Prague race. They could only be purchased from Prague’s Running Mall. 
  RunCzech and Mattoni have joined forces to pursue their goal of getting people out running while at the same time motivating and entertaining them. So far the project includes eighty courses across the entire country with more than forty of these featuring initial guidance from an experienced coach. We have christened this opportunity the Mattoni FreeRun. In addition, Mattoni has been the official water of RunCzech Running League, refreshing runners all along our many courses for a full 23 years.
    In addition to the elite athletes, the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon appeals to thousands of recreational runners. 11,507 in 2016 to be precise. Included among them are a special group known as the Sportisimo Stars, fourteen amateur runners just like you who have been chosen from among Sportisimo’s customers to train together under the expert guidance of Tomas Ondracek for their big race. To find out how they were selected, and to follow their progress, visit
   Several participants in our races have been struck down by some terrible disease or serious accident - dealt a rough hand by fate. However, they didn’t give up. And despite their disability, they still want to engage in sports. They are the Unstoppables. And they are being helped by people from all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Not just through donations but through exercise, pushed along the course by volunteer runners. In support of this effort, an inflatable Birell archway has been travelling around the country. And each time someone runs or walks through, Birell donates 5 Czech Crowns toward the purchase of essential equipment for these individuals. So far more than 50 thousand people have contributed to the project, raising more than a quarter of a million Czech Crowns.
  The O2 Prague Relay. We welcomed almost one thousand four-member teams to our inaugural running party in Stromovka Park.

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